A Documentary Reality Series

Is this one of those "pyramid things?"

A behind the scenes look at the often controversial Network Marketing industry. Following the daily activities of six Networkers from a company, It will forever change the way you look at home based businesses.  ...READ MORE

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The Cast:

Jeremy Gilchrist

Columbus, OH

AKA: "Out of the Box"

Restaurant Management

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Rhona Lucero

Lincoln, NE

AKA: "Hot Mama"

Day Care Owner/Operator

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Nick Sarnicola

Miami, FL

AKA: "Lead don't Follow"

Network Marketing

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Rich Pala

Los Angeles, CA

AKA: "Only if it's fun"

Mortgage/Debt Settlement

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Ashley Riggs

Miami, FL

AKA: "Southern Belle"

Pharmaceutical Sales

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Tony Lucero

Lincoln, NE

AKA: "Life of the Party"

Stage Hypnotist

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Is this one of those "pyramid things?"

Many people ask this question without any real knowledge of, "What is Network Marketing?" What's an MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing)?" What attracts people to this industry? Are they in a cult?

What are their daily activities...WHY TO THEY DO IT? All of these questions go left unanswered for most of mainstream America.

"The Pyramid Thing," is a reality/documentary TV pilot taking viewers inside the world of this controversial profession. This is the first time in history where a "network marketing" company has opened the doors to camera's allowing the public take a glimpse at this occupation.

In this series of short episodes you'll watch many "moments" following the real lives of six network-marketers from a organization called "ViSalus Sciences," a health and wellness company owned by Blyth inc (a publicly traded company), and the creators of the, "Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge." Watch as Nick Sarnicola, Ashely Riggs, Jeremy Gilchrist, Rich Pala, Tony & Rhonda Lucero, put a human face behind this reality series. Travel with them as they build a business. Watch as they share their experience of inspiring others to create a home-based businesses of their own.

Get the insiders look at what really happens in this mysterious and controversial industry. See the lives they touch....see the financial and physical transformations they help achieve.

This real and unscripted! We'll take you behind the velvet curtain. Here, you'll see what makes these "network-marketers"
successful and what sets them apart from other network marketing organizations. It will forever change the way you look at a "home based business."

Welcome to "The Pyramid Thing."

Want to climb the Pyramid?

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